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Licensed Rubbish Clearance Maidenhead

Welcome to Licensed Rubbish Clearance Maidenhead a licensed waste company for peace of mind,here’s a few details about us ,and what we can do to help with your rubbish clearance

Don’t hire a skip to take small loads away, at over £270 a load plus vat in the Maidenhead area this is a more expensive way to clear your rubbish especially if you only have a few items to dispose of, we can help you with this with our low prices starting at £50 for five small items, for instance, tv,chair , small table,lawn mower, bag garden waste,can be taken away for £50

CALL 01628 665178 OR 07881640222 FOR A FREE QUOTE

We price the rubbish load according to the size and weight and we also do all the hard work and load the rubbish for you, prices start at £50 for a fridge or washing machine tumble dryer, etc, and a three-piece suite is around £120,

Another problem is that Leaving a skip out on a main road usually requires a permit at extra cost to you, and if you live in an area with narrow roads you can’t always put a skip outside your house due to obstruction, our trucks are smaller than skip lorries, and can usually park in your drive,and the rubbish is cleared on the same day, before you hire a skip take this in to consideration

Removal of house and flat contents at £300 per load (12-yard skip) this works out a better and cheaper way to dispose of your rubbish because all the hard work is taken care of by us,

most of your rubbish is recyclable and won’t end up in land fill

a fully licensed service for peace of mind

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https://localrubbishclearance .com

Licensed Rubbish Clearance Maidenhead

What Are the Benefits of Using a Rubbish Clearance Service Over a Skip?

This section deals with the benefits of using a rubbish clearance service over a skip. One notable benefit is that they remove all of the rubbish from your home or business premises, leaving you with a clean and tidy environment. In this way, they can help you to feel more organized and in control.

In addition, the benefit of using a rubbish clearance service is that it saves you time and hassle. You don’t have to worry about driving to a landfill or recycling center, or sorting through your bins for recycling materials. This means it’s one less thing for you to do on top of your busy schedule!

Licenced Rubbish Clearance Maidenhead

Some Common Items You Can Dispose of

Some of the most common things that people dispose of is their old furniture. This could be because they want to change the style of their home, or they’re moving house and don’t want to take all their furniture with them, they’ve had a baby and need a change in space or because they’ve updated their living room and want to replace the old furniture.

Some other things that people dispose of are broken appliances such as microwaves, cookers, and dishwashers. old clothes, toys, and electrical items such as televisions also can be disposed of easily

It is important to ask the right questions and do your research before choosing a rubbish clearance company. We all want to choose a company that will provide the best service and the most affordable price.

We should remember that there are many things to consider when selecting a rubbish clearance company,-What type of rubbish do you need removing ?How much time do you have? -How much does it cost? -Do they offer an eco-friendly service? are they licensed waste carriers?

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Licenced Rubbish Clearance Maidenhead